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Sustainably Chic Decor Rentals: How renting your event decor can help make your event Eco-friendly

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CCalling all eco-savvy creatives, DIY gods and goddesses, and event professionals! Looking to make sustainable choices for your next wedding or event? Renting your decor is a great way to do that! When you buy single-use items for your event such as day of signage, card boxes, and table numbers they often end up in the trash after the event. When you rent your items, you not only lessen waste by renting décor, you’re also lessening your carbon footprint.

Here at Arilynn Events we are focused on providing sustainable, environmentally-friendly products and services, believing beautiful events needn’t cost us the earth. We source hard to find décor from vendors that use plastic free packaging and carbon offset shipping options where available. When you buy your decor for your event, your ordering from a bunch of different shops and websites from across the country and the world, think of the emissions from all of that shipping!

According to The Green Bride Guide the average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings per year, that is about 1 billion lbs of trash and as many emissions as approximately 4 people would produce in a year, in just one single day.

Here’s some areas that you can explore more eco-friendly wedding and special event décor rentals to consider when styling your event.

Our black acrylic table numbers
Our gold acryic cards and gift sign
acrylic wedding Sign Chicago
Our round classic guestbook sign

Day of Signage

From invitations to menus and stationary, event signage is by far the most important way to add cherished personal touches to your wedding or special event. Glossy paper and acrylics aren’t generally made from recycled materials and some can even contain harmful chemicals .Often times custom signage can’t be “reused” or “resold” and it ends up apart of that 400lbs of trash your event produced..

We’ve made it so clients can have access to stylish day of signage rentals that offer ways to cut down the environmental impact (like renting table numbers, mirrors, and signage stands) all while giving our clients those dreamy hand-written touches and easy to style in options for an affordable price without increasing your carbon footprint.

We offer table numbers, card and wishes signs, guestbook signs, and signage stands made from acrylic, reclaimed wood, and natural elements. And Day of signage is not cheap, so renting those same styling elements and decor will save you from paying high manufacturer retail prices for wedding decor which adds up quickly taking away from other areas that you could be spending your funds on.

Featuring our wooden t -frame with gold clip
Featuring our custom pink sea salt table numbers

Choose reusable items over disposables

There are going to be a lot of items your going to need to pull off a successful and well executed wedding or event. Most of your decor budget will be pertaining to your table settings such as tablecloths, napkins, plates, silverware, glassware, etc. Don’t fall for the idea that just because something is disposable means its cheaper.  Save yourself the trouble and consider renting your flatware, candlesticks, vases, and glassware. You’ll find that they are unbelievably affordable, and you won’t end up with 150 sets of flatware 20 vases, and god knows how many sets of the same plates after the fact! 

Assoreted vintage goblets
Gold Flatware rental chicago
Featuring our gold matte flatware
Featuring our wooden bucket and glass bottle vase

Use LED Lights and Candles

When it comes to lighting and decor creating a swoon-worthy ambiance can require a lot of energy. Lighting installations are often single-use or made with brand new materials, which is wasteful.Instead of using up all the electrical outlets your venue has to offer, get the mood right and utilize candles or solar lights where possible and both option require absolutely no energy. 

LED Pillar Candles
our led real touch pillar candles

P ro Tip:  Some venues have a strict no open flame policy. Use LED and solar candles for your wedding and event lighting and still get that same romantic glow!

Use natural and organic decor

Keep sustainability in mind when styling your mood boards, think natural stones and materials, crystals, wood, and precious minerals + materials. Incorporating these elements will add an abundance of style and texture to your event landscape. 

our terra cotta vases
Selenite Votive Selenite decor rental chicago
Our Selenite tea light holders

P ro Tip #2: Bring on the texture – use stones that have a mix of rough-cut edges and smooth lines to creative visually interesting centerpieces, cake stands, display risers for menu cards and card boxes. Stone also provides a masculine vibe the is often times overshadowed by the prettier little things like flowers and stationery.

Our natural stone slab

Here's some things to consider more broadly that you can do to help make your event greener, more beautiful, and meaningful.

D onate your leftover flowers to a charitable cause If you adore the idea of fresh blooms for your day, consider working with Pollen! This innovative and eco-friendly Chicago based floral company reblooms as they say your post-party blooms and donates them hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters after your event is over. Find USA based growers here

M ake your menu eco-friendly; whether your venue is providing catering or you’re hiring out, look for catering companies with a sustainable ethos, who source organic, locally, and use Fairtrade and ethically-produced ingredients. Dont shy incorporating vegan or vegetarian menu options that you personally love. Also source your alcohol from local wineries, distilleries and breweries when possible is another great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

E co-friendly confetti and favors; get those magical “wedding exit” photos without using wasteful paper confetti or sparklers that can cause some minor air pollution, go with a more eco-friendly send-off material.

Birdseed wedding favors; an eco-friendly wedding favor your guests can use that does no harm to the earth. 

Seed packets; customized seed packets encourage your guests to start something new in celebration of your big day and puts new plants in the earth.

Interested in planning an eco-friendly wedding or event yourself? Click here for a stylish free printable, you’ll find tips and green alternatives for a variety of important elements of your wedding or special event!

Happy Planning!

Written by Brandon Peyton

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