When you desire nothing short of the absolute best! We fuse cutting-edge trends, personalized high touch service, and seamless execution positioning us as the foremost choice for crafting distinctive and effective corporate events. 

Our passion for styling is approached with obsessive attention to detail, starting with an attentive styling consultation, we help conceptualize all decor and sensory styling elements of your event utilizing our rental inventory. Includes one visit to your venue ( if applicable ) to cover floor plan details and walkthrough event goals and objectives.

As wonderful at planning weddings and celebrations as we are, no greater measure of success for us is our ability to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for event attendees to  stay engaged, focused, and comfortable throughout your planned schedule. We understand that details such as observing room temperature swings, proper AV setups, and an unrelenting focus on the audience engagement which will significantly contribute to massive ROI’s and encouragement of participants to post favorably about their experience.

Immediately we jump in to assist with sourcing, negotiating, contracting, and securing the best talent reflective of your style, vision, and budget goals. ( we know who has what!). Through ongoing email/phone support, vendor task management, site visits, contracts, and budget reviews we coordinate with you and event partners to build out a logistical masterpiece that is your event BEO.

On the day of your event, our team adeptly coordinates every detail, ensuring the flawless execution of your styling plan with seamless success. Then we pack it all up and leave you to bask in the glory of your success!


Feel like we can make it happen for your business?