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Add some coziness to your holidays with a Hot Toddy Bar

Hot Toddy Bar | AriLynn Events - Event Rentals Chicago
Hot Toddy is that classic warm cocktail that just makes you feel good all over. Its simple blend of hot water, whiskey, honey and lemon juice makes for some lovely slow sipping for any type of event, especially those held outdoors or at home celebrations!
Hot Toddy Bar
Featuring our large wooden basket and tall decanter with gold spirit tag.

Hot Toddy bars are so much fun and absolutely necessary. Best of all they’re fully customizable as guests can create their own cocktails. We suggest our clients (go there) with their toppings. Styled using toppings like cinnamon sticks, star of anise (omg the licorice scent ❤️, i cant even!!), whole cloves, fresh slice lemons, organic honey, rosemary, and black teas! 

Hot Toddy Bar
Featuring our white beverage dispenser

If you’re hosting some friends, frenemies, or family this Thanksgiving, consider setting up your own hot toddy bar.

You can’t go wrong with utilizing our in-house rentals. We’re all about making logistics easy on our customers. Our rentals and styling options are versatile enough to easily be converted into a hot cocoa station or cider bar ( which we be featured in a later a blog this winter) . Have fun and think outside the box.

Featuring our wooden bucket and glass bottle vase

Almost as important as the toddy, are the snacks. We like to take a salty sweet approach and use flavors, scents, and textures that enhance the hot toddy experience. Fresh hand-cut donuts from Dats Donuts, butter popcorn, and irresistible chocolate covered pretzels. Keep things simple and your guests will love you, so be prepared to replenish as needed.

Hot Toddy Bar

P ro Tip: To keep desserts and snacks COVID safe, wrap them in decorative bags, or pre-portion snacks into individual grab and go containers. Oh yes, and keep a santizer pump filled with seasonal florals close by.

Hot Toddy Bar
Featuring our tilt apothecary jar

Copper mugs definitely give the hot toddy station a “wow” factor and add texture to the set up.

Hot toddies can be made with whiskey or bourbon. Offer options with your guests taste in mind to make sure everyone can create a concoction to their liking. For a unique touch, provide local artisanal whiskey. We like to used Maker’s Mark or Knob Creek as personal preferences.
Glass Crescent Bowl
Featuring our Tall decanter with gold spirits tag

There’s always an excuse to use seasonal florals! Always!

Hot Toddy Bar
Featuring our mahogany bar cart

And with that our fun and cozy hot toddy bar is complete! We hope we offered some wonderful ideas and look forward to helping you with your future event rental, styling, and/or planning needs

Written by Brandon Peyton

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