barware decor rentals Chicago.  barware decor rentals Chicago

Complete your bar styling with our thoughtfully curated range of drink dispensers, decanters, beverage tubs, and glassware available for rent. Our barware selections work with many event decor landscapes and styling concepts. We have champagne buckets, white beverage tubs, modern glass decanters, vintage decanters, beverage dispensers, and much more, in a variety of different sizes and materials to suit any event. See our full range of barware available for rent below!

Our collection of rentals and decor is broad and every piece selected has been thought about with great care, as to its potential use and pairing within the styling of your wedding, elopement, outdoor, and in-home gatherings, dinner parties, and special events. Our inventory has been collected from all over the world and we pride ourselves on providing our clients access to timeless hard-to-find items at prices that won’t force you to have to choose between what matters to your the most. Through our curation of rentals, we look for comprehensive decor and styling items that allow you to splurge on those finishing touches for birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, quincea├▒eras, baby, and bridal shower styling, and stay within your decor and design budgets when planning. All our rentals use recycled or reusable packaging to maximize savings for clients vs. buying and shrink our carbon footprint. We always promote the use of seasonal florals and local purveyors to our clients to help promote education and awareness to local manufacturers, vendors, and services.